HELP!!! Need utility to fix bad sectors on SD card


I don't know *** happenned, but some how my A-DATA 2GB card has become totally corrupted. I was trying to delete something from the SD card using FileZ on my Treo 650 when the Treo suddenly just froze. I was trying to delete a file in the /palm/launcher folder on the card. I had to soft reset the Treo, but when I went back to Filez to see if the file had been deleted, I found that the entire /palm/launcher folder had been erased!!!! ARHHH!!!

Fortunately, I had a backup copy of my SD card on my computer, so I figured I would just restore by copying back the /palm/launcher folder to the SD card via my card reader. But when I tried to do that, I got a bunch of "cannot copy" errors. I went to the /palm/launcher folder on the card on my desktop and saw a bunch of "zero bit" files. I know sometimes files can be corrupted this way. I tried to delete the files, but could not. I tried to repair the Sd card using Norton Disk utility, but that app is a piece of sh!t and didn't do anything! I then tried to reformat the card using the following command in dos prompt:


But when I go to the sd card properties, it shows 1.8GB card with only ~approx 1GB free and the rest occupied by BAD SECTORS!!! I tried to then reformat normally via XP and got the same results?!

I also tried to search all over the net for a disk repair util that can fix bad sectors, but they all cost like hundreds of dollars?! Can some one PLEASE help me find a utility of procedure to fix this??!

I don't want to return the card b/c this is actually the SECOND time this has happenned if you can belive that! The first time was just a couple days ago, so I sent a RMA on the 2GB ADATA card I was using. I didn't mind b/c I had a spare 2GB card and thought it was just a freak error. But this is the second time this has happenned in a few days! I THINK MY TREO IS EATING MY SD CARD! I'm not sure if this is a defect in the ADATA card or the Treo, more likely the latter b/c I have not heard anyone else having this problem.

Regardless, I need to fix this now b/c my Treo would be completely usless without a working SD card. So can anyone please refer me to a way to repair BAD sectors on a SD card and remove the 0 bit files off the card?!!!


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