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FAQ Flash Recovery

FAQ für Flash Recovery Services

We would like here are some questions to answer almost daily provided by our customers.

Customer responses

krMedia Speicherkarten wiederherstellen
krMedia Speicherkarten wiederherstellen Unsere perfekte Datenrettung holt Ihre Bilder und Videos wieder zurück.
  • This is great news! I guess I'm not the first one tells you this: I have the card already to another company (fee-based) analysis and, where there has been found only tersely a physical damage. Had I but trust my feeling, and sent the card you like to ...The cost of the restoration in any case I have just made ​​clear to the transfer. Best regards, Tobi S. AUSTRIA
  • Thanks so much for your help. I recommended your business & services to everyone I know. Have a nice day. Aloha & mahalo from Hawaii, B. USA
  • Hi guys, thanks sooo much for the recovery of my photos, i'm over the moon!!! I have made the payment via paypal from my husbands paypal account. Can't wait to see the pictures. Thanks again guys. Michelle B. UNITED KINGDOM
  • I am very pleased with the restored photo. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, I will absolutely recommend your services. Not only the restoration of the photos, but also the very fast processing time and the personal telephone Betreung I was very impressed. Top marks - Very reliable and efficient, by a mile over other competitors. If I turn should have a memory card problem, which I hope not, I turn again to love you.
  • All the best + Greetings from Australia
  • Many many thanks for recovering my images and for the excellent and very quick service. It is really good to see the images again that I thought I had lost forever. I have just made the payment via Pay Pal and now look forward to receiving them. Many thanks again Regards D. M. IRELAND


  • I m unable to format my memory card.

    I m unable to format my memory card. any suggestion? Hi myself m guru from india. I m using Moto L7 with INDIANA MP. Neighter memory card is being detected in cell or in pc . I tried to format but ...

  • Cannot format memory card

    I've been trying to format my memory card and the phone won't let me do it! I keep getting the message: "Unable to format. Memory card in use by another application " I tried removing the memory ...

  • Is my sd card broken?

    Well i didnt know about the safely remove the hardware feature and i juts kept taking it out without doing anything, now my computer wont even read the thing. Is my sd card broken, how can i fix it?

  • Are there any 'free' SD card recovery programs?

    All of them I can find let you scan for free but you have to pay like 40 bucks to be able to save the files onto my computer.

  • FREE SD card recovery software download?

    My SD card is blank, :/ it deleted all of my pictures, although I never pressed delete? Odd. But anyways, I need a software that I can download for free on my computer to get the pictures back. THA...

  • Sd card photo recovery free?

    lost 3gb worth of photos on my sd card the data is corrupted somehow I need a quick free fix please

  • How to repair corrupted sd card?

    does anyone know how to undelete or repair an sd card? It's happened a few times and I usually format and start over. Any help would be appreciated.

  • fix sd card

    I am a first timer at this so here go's. Can anyone please please tell me how to fix a sd card that suddenly becomes a [UNSUPPORTTED sd card by the camera that formatted it. It is a SANDISK I have...

  • HELP!!! Need utility to fix bad sectors on SD card

    I don't know *** happenned, but some how my A-DATA 2GB card has become totally corrupted. I was trying to delete something from the SD card using FileZ on my Treo 650 when the Treo suddenly just fr...

  • service repair sd card

    What company can help me a SD card is not detected to repair?

  • flash drive repair?

    My flash drive's broken (hardware problem I think because I've dropped it, etc) searching the web for "flash drive repair" will return a lot of results, many useless the drive has top secret info, ...

  • Is there any way in which monolithic memory card

    A 16GB Silicon Power memory card I have been using in my camera has recently malfunctioned. My camera does not recognise the card anymore. Inserting the card in a card reader in my PC produce no dr...

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