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The Service is priced based upon the memory size of the card/USB flash drive. Pricing is NOT dependent upon the quantity of data recovered. The price includes all costs (evaluation, shipment, tax, etc.) No charges for unsuccessful recovery. Student or low income? Request a discount: email.

Price Table SD USB or SSD

Price Level Memory Size Price
Level 1 up to 2 GB 39,90 Euro
Level 2 up to 4 GB 49,90 Euro
Level 3 up to 8 GB 69,90 Euro
Level 4 up to 16 GB 84,90 Euro
Level 5 up to 32 GB 99,90 Euro
Level 6 up to 64 GB We make an offer
Level 7 up to 128 GB We make an offer
Level 8 up to 256 GB We make an offer

The price refers to a data recovery software by! If no data can be produced here, they receive the diagnosis, to have carried out a separate offer to a data recovery by Nand Flash Reader (PC-3000 Flash). The price of a hardware data recovery can differ from the above prices, as there are many different manufacturers and types. We can also produce data of monolithic memory chips. In Europe there are only two companies to support the.

Currency Calculator

How it Works

  • Fill in the order Form.
  • Pack the memory card/USB flash drive and send it to the delivery address.
  • You will get arrival notice and the estimated completion date (usual within 2 business days) by email.
  • Data recovery successful: offer sent by email, data samples can be inspected.
  • Data recovery not successful: analysis report will be sent by email
  • After payment, recovered data and invoice will be sent to you.

General Trading Conditions

Offer/Contract: After successful data recovery a contract offer will be sent to you.
Limitation of liability: krMedia will not be liable for the loss of or damage to your memory card and is only liable in cases of gross negligence or loss.
Privacy: We will not share your personal data with any third party. Any saved files are deleted 20 days after order processing from our storage media.
Payment practice: Payment only after you have inspected and are satisfied with the recovered image samples. If all of the recovered files are not wanted or needed, then no charges will be made and the contract is void, no costs are incurred.