New Fuji HS10, new memory card -card error


Totally new here. I just got a new Fuji HS10 and have bought a Sandisk Extreme 8gb SDHC card for it online (this card is recommended) I just put the card in and the screen showed "CARD ERROR". I have taken the card out.

Looking at the error code in the manual it says

1. "The memory card is not formatted for use in the camera"
2. "the memory card is damaged"
3. "incompatible memory card"
4. "camera malfunction"

solutions -

1. format the memory card
2. clean the card/replace the card
3. use compatible card
4. contact fuji dealer

I think it must be either 1 or 2 that is the problem??

I didn't know you had to format a new card - do you? If so, how do I do it?

If the card I've bought is damaged will it damage the camera if I try to use it?

Also, looking in the manual it says -

"SD cards can be locked, making it impossible to format the card or to record or delete images. Before inserting an SD card, slide the write protect switch to the "unprotect" position.

Is this applicable to an SDHC card too? Where is the write protect switch?
Are they saying it's on the card? Will this cause CARD ERROR to appear?

Phew!! I had a Fuji s9600 before with a CF card - totally simple, none of this kind of problem, just put it in and go!!


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